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Provide powerful opportunity to connect with dynamic developers, government officials, financiers and other real estate professionals engaged in remaking the urban landscape of New York.

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Commercial and housing real estate professionals, along with political and community leaders from throughout the Tri-State Area. Real estate’s most successful and innovative deal makers and leaders of minority-owned firms and just as important leading public policy makers, to drive the discourse, develop ideas, and relationships around sustainable development in urban communities.

The voices for minorities within the capital of real estate. We are an alliance of developers, contractors, appraisers​architects and more.

For the stronger voice and opens the opportunities for economic development. There are many challenges within the minority community in conducting deals. You can gain the access, learn, network, and be part of future deals. 

Community Conservation

Member Networking

Capital Access

  • Discuss, negotiate current issues and opportunities within the Tri-State among industry leaders. ​

  • Live and online panel discussions on hard pressing topics and advocacies. 

  • Foster meaningful partnerships between members

  • Facilitate introductions to key members of the broader real estate industry who can be of assistance to members.

  • Serve as a clearinghouse for information on financing options and grant programs.

  • Build economies of scale by tapping opportunities across member firms.

Influence Public Policy

  • Provide direct access to executive-level policy makers of government agencies as well as housing and commercial development advocates.

  • Advocate for a level playing field in M/WBE contracting and development opportunities in the public and private sector.

Business Development

  • Provide time sensitive information on opportunities in housing and commercial development.

  • establish a sense of authority with potential clientele, building a strong sense of trust.


  • Awareness of property and community issues. Participating in elections and supporting public policy to benefit property owners.

  • Advice on which pitfalls to avoid and which opportunities to go for.



Become a Member

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